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It is especially important to better understand the interactions between COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Flu Vaccine
Two newly discovered antibodies could help in the development of a universal flu vaccine. 
Researchers found the largest decreases for heart attack risk among women, which may be because of greater attention paid to women’s heart health in recent decades.
Insurance companies are currently investigating the option of modifying which medications they will cover for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) therapy, with broad implications for patient access.
A new study found that hypertension is a common comorbidity in patients with COVID-19. 
Researchers at Duke University have found that the efficacy of a 2-pronged type 2 diabetes (T2D) treatment increases when the drugs are linked by a heat-sensitive tether rather than simply being concurrently administered, according to a press release.
Streamlining the Adjuvant Testing Process Could Be Key to Accelerating the Development of Long-Lasting Vaccines
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Nancy Lyons, BSPharm, MBA, CDE, of Health Mart and Pete Slone of McKesson on why provider status for pharmacists is important to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic.
An overview of the most common human resources problems that pharmacies face and the proactive steps that pharmacies can take to avoid these problems.

A combination treatment was found to be associated with significantly less weight gain and smaller increases in waist circumference than treatment with olanzapine alone.
Take note of patients’ emotional states, family and social history, health challenges and conditions, and personality.