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Moderna will manufacture doses of its experimental coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine candidate as clinical trials are ongoing to expedite the production process. 
Intranasal vaccine platform may allow for an immune response to be induced more precisely to provide the best possible protection from coronavirus disease 2019.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Clayton Edwards, RPh, MBA, chief operating officer of AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, on the importance of disaster preparation in pharmacies during hurricane season in the midst of a pandemic.
Test combines multiple factors that influence whether a child is likely to develop type 1 diabetes. 
New online training program is being deployed in response to data indicating a surge in opioid-related overdoses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may remain undetected due to individuals thinking that the symptoms are a normal sign of aging.
As most pharmacy personnel are well aware, excellent patient care is a team effort.
The roles of various dietary supplements and nutraceuticals in enhancing skin health and appearance can be observed in the vitamin deficiency diseases that present with dermal manifestations.
As public trust in vaccines has fallen, it’s up to pharmacists to combat misinformation. 

Despite recognizing the benefits of the new vancomycin dosing guidelines, only 31% of survey respondents plan to adopt the new recommendations.
Is there any scientific evidence that sliced onions help rid a home of influenza and other viruses?
A New Jersey community stepped up to help a pharmacist whose bike was stolen from the front of his pharmacy.