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Approximately 2 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's single-dose COVID-19 vaccine are ready to ship and supply is expected to sharply increase, with up to 20 million doses available by the end of March.
The flexibility could allow for easier storage and increased accessibility of the vaccine.
Researchers from University College Dublin, Ireland found that children of mothers who ate a higher quality diet during pregnancy that is low in inflammation-associated foods had a lower risk of obesity and lower body fat levels in late childhood than children whose mothers ate a lower quality diet during pregnancy that was high in inflammation-associated foods.
dry eye
Pharmacists can educate patients about treatment options for this often-overlooked condition.
The investigators said testosterone therapy may have some benefits for older men, but they did not find any benefits in artery function, which is a determinant of future cardiovascular risk. 
While working as a stage manager in a theater in Bombay, India, Dinshah Ghadiali began to read about the potential of color therapy to cure disease.
Facilitate patient access to needed medications while gaining valuable experience working with payers in the complex health care system.
The vaccine has been shown to induce mucosal immunity in the nasal cavity, which may be effective in blocking transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
Pharmacy organizations have produced advisories to guide workflow and optimize services, yet there still exists a gap in further integration of pharmacists into public health and safety initiatives.
The current surge peaked on January 11, 2021, but took just 5 days to decrease by 10%, compared to 22 days following the first peak in April 2020.
SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a family of human coronaviruses, most of which are characterized by increased transmission in cooler, less humid months and decreased transmission in warmer, more humid months.
Collaborating with providers offers opportunities to help patients maintain their brain health.