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This month's case studies feature lower back pain, hand osteoarthritis, and more.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed John Beckner, RPh, the senior director of strategic initiatives at the NCPA, on the importance of American Pharmacists Month in acknowledging the critical role of pharmacists in supporting the US health care system.
Patients with diabetes referred to participate in the LA Care California Right Meds Collaborative pilot program met regularly with their pharmacist for Comprehensive Medication Management.
The relationship between the flu and heart disease is of particular concern during the pandemic, as severe COVID-19 outcomes have also been associated with exacerbated cardiovascular conditions.
Pharmacy Times spoke with Maggie Ryman, a member of McKesson’s Critical Care Drug Task Force, about anticipating hospital pharmacy needs during COVID-19 and American Pharmacist Month.
This tolerable upper intake level, or UL value, includes the intake of vitamin D from all sources, including supplements, normal dietary intake, and intake from food that has been fortified with vitamin D.
Providers must account for important considerations when choosing the appropriate therapy for each patient based on their specific needs.
On Women Pharmacist Day on October 12, a panel discussion webcast consisting of leading women in pharmacy discussed the importance of recognizing the impact of women on the pharmacy landscape and the history of women in the field.
Because restrictions have led to widespread demoralization and frustration, the authors said there has been renewed public interest natural herd immunity approaches.
Research has also shown that patients with Parkinson disease who are able to engage in physical activity can potentially improve the motor and non-motor symptoms associated with the disease.
Competency, sporadic checks, and training can cut down on mistakes that cause contamination.
Study results suggest that infusing foods with green tea extract may lower consumers' chances of catching norovirus when eating contaminated food.
Student Cafe
Student Café: Impact of COVID-19 on Pharmacy Education
Pharmacy students discuss how has the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has impacted their education and preparation for future careers.
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