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Following the release of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response strategy, NCPA issued its support and urged the government to also consider engaging independent pharmacies in its implementation.
Amantadine, a treatment that was originally used as an agent against influenza A, lost efficacy due to viral resistance.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Brian Nightengale, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, on how the recent unanimous SCOTUS ruling on Rutledge v. PCMA will impact independent pharmacies across the country.
The approach is being developed specifically as a potential treatment for the significant fraction of people with debilitating depression who do not respond to existing therapies and are at high risk of suicide.
Study finds that death was significantly less likely for type 2 diabetes subjects taking metformin, compared to those not taking metformin.
This week on Pharmacy Times, there are a number of important topics that will be covered and posted throughout the week.
During this study, no patient receiving TDF and FTC was admitted to intensive care or died.
The panel of experts in the management of NETs review the indications and safety data of the somatostatin analogues.
Consider these steps for pharmacists to further evolve their role as the pandemic continues to put pressure on the health care system.
NCCN states that all patients with active cancer, or with active, recent, or planned cancer treatment, should be considered highest priority to receive one of the COVID-19 vaccines granted emergency use authorization.
The FDA has approved cabenuva, which consists of rilpivirine and cabotegravir, for treating HIV-1 infection in adults. This therapy is the first once-monthly, long-acting injectable to be approved for the treatment of HIV.
The approval is for a 240 mg injection of nivolumab every 2 weeks or 480 mg every 4 weeks in combination with 40 mg once daily of cabozantinib.
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