Turning to the Future of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health SystemsJuly 2022
Volume 11
Issue 4

The Pharmacy Times® Future of Pharmacy Resource Center is a comprehensive source on the evolution of the pharmacy profession and the growing roles of pharmacists

One of the major 2022 initiatives at Pharmacy Times® is the Future of Pharmacy, where we tell the story—through articles and videos—of where the profession has been and where it is headed.

As we pass the midpoint of the year, we are proud of our coverage so far, which is housed at https://www.pharmacytimes.com/clinical/future-of-pharmacy on the Pharmacy Times® website. The Pharmacy Times® Future of Pharmacy Resource Center is a comprehensive source on the evolution of the pharmacy profession and the growing roles of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and support staff members.

So far this year, the initiative has focused on 4 key areas: the changes for pharmacists and pharmacies; the elevated role of technicians and support staff members; technology changes, including telehealth and scheduling platforms; and consumer expectations of pharmacies and pharmacists. Going into the second half of 2022, the initiative will focus on the following 4 areas: changes at pharmacy schools and to curricula in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; integrated health or what a pharmacy will look like in 5 years; creative ways to deal with burnout and stress among pharmacy professionals; and alternate career paths for pharmacists, such as administrative or in education. Be sure to check out our coverage.

Meanwhile, it is that time of year again when our editorial team begins putting together our editorial print calendars for 2023, and we will complete this process around the end of July. We will use the Future of Pharmacy content to inform our 2023 content, but please also feel free to reach out to contact our editorial team members with ideas for Cover Features, as well as topics for Rx Focus, Patient Focus, OTC Case Studies, Technician Focus, and Condition Watch articles. We will also need authors for these and other articles next year.

In this July 2022 issue of Pharmacy Times Health-System Edition™, our Cover Feature looks at how pharmacists can help slow the opioid crisis through monitoring programs, naloxone training, and patient education. Other coverage focuses on access to Clostridioides difficile treatments during transitions of care, SGLT2 inhibitors, and trilaciclib for chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression.

We hope you enjoy our comprehensive coverage as well as some much-earned vacation time this summer.

Thanks for reading!

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