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Pharmacy TimesOctober 2010 Diabetes
Volume 76
Issue 10

Marketed by:

Omron Healthcare, Inc (Bannockburn, IL)

Omron’s 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BP785) offers patients an accurate, reliable way to check blood pressure readings at home. Omron’s Calibration Check System uses dual monitors to double-check each reading, and its patented preformed arm cuff fits both regular and large arms. Several built-in tracking features empower patients to adhere to treatment recommendations and stay focused on their goals. These include a 2-user mode to record progress and consistency over time for up to 2 users, am/pm averaging to capture an 8-week history of weekly morning and evening averages, and a BP Level Indicator to compare current readings with guidelines for healthy blood pressure.

For More Information:; 847-680-6200 TECH

My Imunization Record (MyIR)

Marketed by:

Scientific Technologies Corporation (Tucson, AZ)

My Immunization Record (MyIR) is a patient-centered iPhone app designed to help families manage their immunization records more efficiently. Users manually enter vaccine histories for themselves and each of their family members, which are stored for easy access. The app also encourages timely vaccination for patients of all ages by allowing users to check their records against immunization schedules established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The app is available for $3.99 in the iTunes store.

For More Information:; 520-202-3333

MedSelect Flex

Marketed by:

AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation (Chesterbrook, PA)

The MedSelect Flex automated dispensing cabinet is a combination of software and hardware that manages, tracks, and stores medications and patient information. Designed for use in hospital pharmacies, it integrates seamlessly with existing inventory management systems. A 2-part verification process uses bar codes to identify medications at the pharmacy when the cabinet is stocked, and then again when medications are dispensed to patients. Dispensing records can be stored and accessed for reporting for up to 5 years. Other distinguishing features include single item access, unit dose dispensing, and increased storage capacity, all contained within a space-saving design.

For More Information:; 800-829-3132

Med-Time XLMarketed by:

e-pill Medication Reminders (Wellesley, MA)

E-pill’s line of medication reminders, automatic dispensers, and storage devices features a variety of tools to help patients adhere to their medications. The Med-Time XL is a popular choice among seniors for its simplicity and capacity to handle complex medication schedules. Patients or caregivers simply load the medication tray and set up to 28 daily dosing times, turn the key to lock the medications inside, and leave the rest up to the dispenser. When the programmed alarm sounds, the carousel shifts the appropriate medication into position, where it can be easily retrieved by flipping the lightweight unit. A blinking red light and loud alarm sound make the device suitable for patients with hearing or visual impairments. Each compartment within the tray holds the equivalent of 15 aspirin-sized tablets, pills, or capsules. The Med-Time XL can store and dispense up to 4 weeks’ worth of medicines without refilling, depending on the number of dosing times needed per day.

For More Information:; 800-549-0095

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