Survey: 86% of Users Satisfied With New Automated Insulin Delivery System


Approximately 81% of individual said Tandem Mobi reduced the burden of managing diabetes and 87% said it helped manage diabetes effectively.

Real-world insight on Tandem Mobi (Tandem Diabetes Care), an automated insulin delivery (AID) system, showed that 86% of users were satisfied or very satisfied with the device, regardless of prior therapy, and agreed that the device helped improve their quality of life. Tandem Mobi is the world’s smallest AID system, which became available in the United States in February 2024. The results of the survey were presented at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 84th Scientific Sessions.1,2

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Image Credit: neirfy -

“These real-world user insights provide evidence that we are furthering our mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes by demonstrating that Tandem Mobi not only meets, but exceeds user expectations,” Jordan Pinsker, MD, chief medical officer at Tandem Diabetes Care, said in a news release. “We are proud to share these results at ADA and will continue to innovate to provide the diabetes community with choice and improved quality of life.”1

According to Pinsker in the session at the ADA Scientific Session, the device is controllable and compatible with a personal iPhone, but the algorithm is run on the pump, so the user does not have to have their phone on them in order to use the pump. It is also compatible with the continuous glucose monitor.2

All data is uploaded wirelessly and supports remote software updates. Further, it is water resistant, has wireless charging, and a vial adapter cartridge load with 30-unit minimum fill, according to Pinsker.2

In the launch survey, investigators included 332 individuals, with 81 formally using multiple daily injections (MDI), 173 formally using the previous Tandem device, and 79 formally using other pumps, between March 25 and May 12, 2024. Six weeks after pump initiation, users were sent a survey regarding satisfaction, ease of use, and how they wore the device. Approximately 84% of individuals were adults, 97% had type 1 diabetes, and 62% were female.2

For those who used prior MDI, other pumps, or were adults aged 18 and older, 86% were satisfied or very satisfied with the new Tandem Mobi device. Approximately 84% of children under 18 were satisfied or very satisfied.2

Overall, 89% of users said the device met expectations or exceeded expectations, with 95% in the prior MDI group, 88% in the other pump group, 90% in the adult group, and 85% in the child group, according to results in the presentation.2

For the topic of improving quality of life, the results were more mixed, with 86% of overall users agreeing or strongly agreeing, 82% in prior MDI, 84% in other pimps, 84% in adults, and 93% in children. Further, 82% of prior Tandem Users, 77% of Prior MDI users, and 80% of other pump users said the new device helped them have more freedom in life. Approximately 81%, 84%, and 78%, respectively, said it reduced the burden of managing diabetes, and 91%, 87%, and 85% said it helped manage diabetes effectively.2

“There is very high satisfaction from people who were previously on MDI or other insulin pumps, and even previous Tandem users,” Pinsker said in the presentation. “The unique features offered a lot of benefit, such as the quick bolus button. For example, entering the number of carbs as you can program the quick bolus button, the small minimum fill size [of] 30 units, and the many infusions set options.”2


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