September 2021 OTC Product News

Pharmacy TimesSeptember 2021
Volume 87
Issue 9

This month's featured products include an infants' pain and fever reducer, daily supplements for nerve care and pain, and more.


Manufactured by Genexa

An oral liquid containing acetaminophen, Genexa’s new fever and pain medication for infants is the newest in its clean medicine lineup. In addition to acetaminophen, it contains organic agave syrup, blueberry flavor, and citrus extract, as well as non–genetically modified organism flavor and purified water. The product joins the company’s other medicines for infants and newborns, including probiotics, saline nasal drops and spray, and vitamin D.

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Manufactured by Procter & Gamble

Nervive is a line of daily supplements designed to address nerve care and pain. It includes Nerve Health to fortify overall nerve health, as well as Nerve Relief and Nerve Relief PM for occasional aches, discomfort, and weakness related to aging. Nerve-related discomfort is especially common in aging adults because of natural structural changes in the nervous system, including loss of myelin and slowed signaling. To help address these changes, the supplements are specially formulated with ingredients to support patients’ fundamental functions and needs.

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Manufactured by Bragg Live Food Products

Designed to deliver apple cider vinegar in capsule form, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar supplements offer 750 mg of acetic acid―the equivalent of 1 tbsp of liquid apple cider vinegar―in 3 capsules. Benefits of apple cider vinegar include appetite control and maintenance of healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels. The supplements also include vitamin D and zinc and are available in 90-count bottles, according to a company statement.

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Manufactured by Nature's Bounty

With a line of 4 personalized nutrition packs to address specific health and wellness concerns, Nature’s Bounty aims to make daily supplement intake simple. Each pack contains 3 to 4 pills that are taken daily and are available in 4 varieties. A Good Night includes melatonin, L-theanine, and magnesium; Daily Essentials features an advanced multivitamin, high-dose vitamin C, and L-theanine; Master the Day includes Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, high-dose vitamin C, and super B complex; and Set the Foundation includes coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin D. The supplements are available on Amazon and will be on retail pharmacy shelves later in the year.

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