Pharmacist Spotlight: Natalie Young, PharmD, BCSCP

Pharmacy TimesMarch 2024
Volume 90
Issue 3

Tell us a little about your career and what you do now.

In my current role as director of clinical pharmacy services at Vets Pets, I oversee pharmacy services across more than 30 veterinary clinics and hospitals. My responsibilities include setting and maintaining high professional standards, ensuring quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. A significant part of my job involves implementing advanced technology for efficient inventory management and streamlining dispensing processes. I also supervise operations, ensuring adherence to United States Pharmacopoeia standards and that our pharmaceutical care is evidence based whenever possible. Additionally, I provide drug information support, guidance during drug shortages, and lead educational initiatives and training programs to enhance our team’s clinical service skills.

What is the most rewarding part of pharmacy for you?

The most rewarding aspects of my job are helping animals, supporting clients, and collaborating with veterinarians and technicians. I am deeply passionate about animals, from household pets to wildlife, and I strive to ensure they receive pharmaceutical care equivalent to human standards. Understanding the profound human animal bond motivates me to excel in my role. Additionally, working alongside dedicated veterinarians and technicians who share a common goal of patient welfare is incredibly fulfilling.

How does veterinary pharmacy differ from other pharmacy paths?

Clinically, veterinary pharmacy shares many similarities with other pharmacy paths. However, a unique aspect is the elevated respect and regard pharmacists receive in the veterinary field. Veterinarians value our specialized knowledge, making us integral team members. We often assist in pharmacotherapy, a less emphasized area in veterinary education. Compounding is also a vital component, catering to a diverse range of species and sizes, which requires innovative approaches due to the limited availability of FDA-approved products suitable for animals.

What advice would you give other pharmacists or pharmacy students interested in veterinary pharmacy?

For those interested in veterinary pharmacy, understand that it’s a challenging yet rewarding field. Mere affection for animals isn’t sufficient. Early involvement with veterinary pharmacy organizations like the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists and the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists is crucial, and networking within these groups can open doors to opportunities.

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