OTC Product News: June 2021

Pharmacy TimesJune 2021
Volume 89
Issue 06
Pages: 22

Multicapsule Supplement Line

Marketed by SmartyPants Vitamins

For patients looking for an alternative to gummies or a sugar-free vitamin option, the new SmartyPants Vitamins Multi Capsule line includes prenatal vitamins, vitamins for men and women, and vitamins for individuals aged 50 and older. The vitamins are a blend of fruit and vegetables, and feature plant-based omega-3 DHA from algal oil; vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D3; and zinc to support brain, heart, bone, eye, and immune health. The vitamins are free of the 8 major food allergens and genetically modified organisms and are vegetarian, according to a statement.

Envive Probiotic Supplement

Marketed by Bausch Health Companies

To help reduce the frequency and severity of 5 common gastrointestinal symptoms, Bausch Health Companies is launching the Envive daily probiotic supplement. The probiotics tackle bloating, constipation, diarrhea, discomfort, and gas, and also strengthen the digestive symptom and gut barrier. Results from a 4-week study showed that the supplements can reduce the frequency and severity of these symptoms at both 2 and
4 weeks of daily use, with 85% of participants reporting overall improved gastrointestinal well-being, according to a company statement.

Bonny Fiber Supplement

Marketed by Bonny

Bonny, a female-founded health and wellness brand, offers a new line
of supplements aimed at helping patients meet their daily fiber needs with natural, organic supplements. The prebiotic fiber supplements contain a proprietary blend of fiber powder that is gluten- and sugar-free, as well as vegan, and has more than 7 g of fiber per serving. Nearly 95% of Americans are not getting enough fiber, and many supplements lack natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, according to the company. The supplements are available in 3 flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut Dream, Extremely Unflavored, and Vanilla Berry Bliss.

Extra-Strength CBD Topicals

Marketed by LeafLine Wellness

To meet high demand for cannabidiol (CBD) topical products, LeafLine Wellness is launching a range of extra-strength CBD topicals under its Happy Place brand. The new products include the CBD Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On, with 250 mg of CBD isolate; CBD Healing Balm, with 500 mg of CBD; CBD Hydrating Cream, with 500 mg of CBD isolate; and the CBD Muscle & Joint Patch, with 50 mg of CBD isolate. Like the company’s gummies, the topical CBD products are priced under $20 and will be available online and in stores.

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