Introducing Peer Review to Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems

Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health SystemsJanuary 2024
Volume 13
Issue 1

This issue of Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems features a milestone: We welcome our first manuscript that has undergone peer review prior to publication. The article is a case report describing the management and outcome of a combined insecticide and cannabis exposure that is an increasingly common toxicology presentation to health-system emergency departments. In coming editions, there will be multiple peer-reviewed articles, including original observational research and novel case reports related to drug use in health systems.

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Authors are encouraged to submit their work to Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems under categories such as original research, systematic reviews, narrative reviews, case reports related to medication-related outcomes, professional practice, quality, and safety or adverse event experiences that will be of interest to health-system pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals. Manuscripts that adhere to the well-accepted standards for the type of publication available at the EQUATOR Network will undergo a timely peer-review process that will enhance the likelihood of acceptance for final publication. In addition, submitting high-quality manuscripts to Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems is an excellent opportunity for trainees, including students and residents, to share their work under the guidance of their mentors. Well-written case reports (see CARE guidelines at describing uncommon or unique drug-related events are a great entrance to publishing for junior faculty and trainees.

Our editorial staff is also seeking qualified experts in health-system pharmacy or related disciplines to serve as peer reviewers. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise as a peer reviewer, please contact our managing editor, Alana Hippensteele, at Please include your affiliation, areas of expertise, and a brief description of your qualifications. Peer review is also an excellent opportunity to teach literature evaluation skills to trainees by including them in a mentored peer review.

Adding peer-reviewed articles to the broad selection of relevant information in each issue of this journal will enhance the value of this publication to health-system pharmacists. We are looking forward to the submission of high-quality articles with broad interest and supporting the critique and improvement of the quality of these articles through an effective peer-review process.

About the Editor

Curtis E. Haas, PharmD, FCCP, is director of pharmacy for the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.

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