Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems Launches the Peer-Review Process in 2024

Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health SystemsJanuary 2024
Volume 13
Issue 1

In 2024, Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems welcomes the launch of the peer-review process, with this issue containing our first peer-reviewed paper.

With this launch, the publication also has a new name, which helps to highlight our focus on publishing papers that address and elevate the practice of pharmacy in health systems.

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As such, we are looking for qualified reviewers who may be interested in participating as peer reviewers for the publication. If interested, please reach out to Managing Editor Alana Hippensteele at with information regarding your background, qualifications, and research areas of interest for the purposes of participating as a reviewer.

In 2024, we are particularly looking forward to publishing original research findings from the field of health-system pharmacy, with a focus toward clinical pharmacy services and patient outcomes, qualitative and/or quantitative impact of pharmacist-led initiatives, patient cases exemplifying pharmacists’ value on the patient care team, drug dosing and protocols relevant to health-system pharmacy, and the implementation of transitions of care practices. Other areas of interest include pharmacy automation and technology integration, medication safety and quality improvement, hazardous compounding practices and safety protocols, antimicrobial stewardship, health informatics and data analytics, telepharmacy implementation and patient outcomes, and value-based care practices. We welcome the opportunity to review these findings and support their dissemination.

In this issue, on page 10, the peer-reviewed paper “Insecticide Misuse With Cannabinoids and Its Resulting Complications: A Case Report” by Catherine Tran, PharmD; Christine Vo, PharmD, BCPS; Stephen Lee, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP; and Jeffrey R. Suchard, MD, FACEP, FACMT, sheds light on the use of adulterated cannabinoids mixed with insecticides. Such cases are becoming more frequent in emergency departments as the practice of mixing insecticides with cannabinoids becomes more popular.

This issue also contains a discussion by authors Taylor Mackinnon, PharmD, MS, BCPS; Kristen Schaeffler, PharmD, MBA; Carrie Penzien, PharmD, BCSCP; and Ashley Sauro, PharmD, BCPS, on the implementation of United States Pharmacopeia General Chapter <800> guidelines at a pediatric hospital on page 28. Additionally, on page 38, authors Emory Heffernan, PharmD candidate; Austin Triplett, PharmD candidate; Andrew Stewart, PharmD candidate; and Marilyn N. Bulloch, PharmD, BCPS, FCCM, SPP, discuss surprising drugs that can cause serotonin syndrome.

In 2024, we look forward to the insights and discussions we will see unfold in the pages of Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems. With the launch of the peer-review process, we look to our readers to see how we can increase the impact of this publication together.

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