Diversifying Your Pharmacy Offerings Key to Better Serving Customers

Nimesh Jhaveri, President of Health Mart, discusses how local pharmacies can grow their patient base.

In this clip, which was filmed this week at the McKesson ideaShare Conference in Orlando, Nimesh Jhaveri, who is president of Health Mart Pharmacy and senior vice president at McKesson, discusses the importance of pharmacists diversifying their services to remain relevant and better serve their customers.

Nimesh Jhaveri: [We have to] make sure that we're offering more than simply pharmacy. Pharmacy is always going to be our core, but it's the diversification of other things that they can do and bring those services in.... to be more relevant to their customers and to their patients; things like point of care testing, things like durable medical equipment, having a great front-of-store offering, offering long term care for those that are in a long-term care facility. Those are some of the ideas that you can do to continue to stay relevant and help patients and customers come in and find value with what you do. So yes, absolutely, government regulations, reimbursements that are declining, these are all issues that are impacting community pharmacy. But I don't think we should stop there, I think we should go after diversifying our services, go after unique services, go after having digital assets, and offer a mobile platform or an ecommerce platform. These are all things are customers are looking for.

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