IdeaShare 2019
IdeaShare 2019
Helping Pharmacies Combat DIR Fees
Eyad Farah, Vice President and General Manager, Health Mart Atlas discusses what the company is doing to lower DIR fees for Health Mart pharmacies.
Understanding DIR Fees and DIR Reform
Direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees are imposed by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) on pharmacy providers after a drug claim has already been submitted, adjudicated, and even paid out to a pharmacy.
What Clinical Programs Can Do for Pharmacists
Heather Cusick of McKesson and Byron Jones, a "super-user" of their clinical programs, discuss how the programs are changing the way pharmacists work.
What Patients Look For in a Pharmacy
Nimesh Jhaveri, President of Health Mart, on what patients want in their pharmacy.
Pharmacy Services: More Than Just Filling Prescriptions
By counseling patients on over-the-counter (OTC) options when appropriate and carrying durable medical equipment (DME) such as walking aids and compression socks, pharmacists can expand their range of care and bring in more customers.
Women in Pharmacy: Challenges, Successes, and Support
Attendees at the McKesson IdeaShare had the chance to hear about women pharmacists and the challenges, successes, and opportunities they have in a session presented by Suzanne Soliman, PharmD.
Vitamin Supplementation Counseling Points for Parents
Improving health, maintaining health, or supplementing a child’s diet are all common reasons to recommend vitamins for some children, said Marsha Millonig, BSPharm, in a session at the McKesson IdeaShare on Wednesday.
Co-Owners of Trumm Drug Discuss Their Approach to the Change in Ownership
Allan Fettig and Aaron Finley, co-owners of Trumm Drug and recipients of the 2019 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year Award, discuss how they went about taking ownership of the pharmacy in April 2018.
Expanding Travel Health Services in Pharmacies
Travel health services involves a lot more than vaccinations, said Sheri Stensland, PharmD, in a session at McKesson IdeaShare.
Diversifying Your Pharmacy Offerings Key to Better Serving Customers
Nimesh Jhaveri, President of Health Mart, discusses how local pharmacies can grow their patient base. 
Advice for those Looking to Strike Out on Their Own and Purchase a Pharmacy
Chris Cella, VP of RxOwnership, on how Trumm Drug’s change in ownership was a good model to follow.
Trumm Drug Named Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year
Trumm Drug, a pharmacy serving Alexandria, Minnesota, has been named the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year by McKesson Pharmaceutical. 
IdeaShare 2019 Coverage Is Coming
As the McKesson IdeaShare 2019 conference opens next week, Pharmacy Times will be on location delivering coverage.