8 Weird Pharmacy Robbery Stories


Here are 8 weird ways desperate individuals have tried to or successfully stolen from a pharmacy.

In most cases, pharmacy robberies are pretty straightforward. A man or woman walks into a pharmacy and demands pills, and the police (or the pharmacist) track down the thief down or resolve the situation.

Every once in a while, however, someone comes up with a bizarre way to rob a pharmacy.

Here are 8 weird ways desperate individuals have tried to or successfully stolen from a pharmacy.

1. The Clown

In San Francisco, a man who dressed up like a clown was terrorizing pharmacies and banks before he was arrested.

SF Weekly described the 35-year-old man who was arrested as someone who would dress in “quasi-clown outfits like wigs and glasses.” He was linked to 15 bank and pharmacy robberies, according to police.

In addition to his wacky costume, the man would often brandish a pistol at the pharmacy counter and demand prescription pills.

2. The Trickster

A woman in Indiana told a Walgreens pharmacy that she needed to steal oxycodone and Xanax because if she did not deliver the drugs, she would receive her daughter’s head in the mail the next day.

The woman arrived at the Walgreens with a note saying that she needed the pills because she had received her daughter’s hand in the mail that morning. She told the pharmacy staff that her daughter’s life was in danger if she did not obtain the pills. She also said that there were 2 men in the store with guns.

Police took the woman in custody when they arrived at the pharmacy and discovered that her daughter was safe and staying with a friend.

3. The Construction Worker

A man robbed a pharmacy while carrying an orange traffic cone and a firearm while wearing a yellow reflective vest, a yellow rain jacket, and a hard hat.

He jumped over the Rite Aid pharmacy counter and demanded Adderall and oxycodone.

Once he got the medication, he ran out of the store and car-jacked a priest. Then, after driving the car for 1 block, he left the car and ran.

Witnesses said they saw the man measuring trees near the Rite Aid before the incident occurred.

4. The Hello Kitty Fan

A man had 2 interesting accessories as he walked into a Discount Drug Mart pharmacy: a semiautomatic handgun and a Hello Kitty bag.

He stole $90,000 worth of Adderall, Concerta, morphine, and Ritalin from the pharmacy.

A technician told police that she opened a cabinet full of narcotics and placed them in the man’s Hello Kitty bag. Then, he jumped back over the counter and drove away from the store.

5. The Ninja

A man with a ninja mask and martial arts sword robbed a Walgreens pharmacy in California. He wore an all-black outfit made up of a leather jacket, shirt, jeans, and gloves.

The man pointed a sword at a clerk and asked for cash. He left with $200 and fled by foot.

Police later found the ninja mask.

“It is unknown if the suspect is a ninja,” The Orange County Register reported.

6. The Lumberjack

One man’s weapon of choice during a pharmacy robbery was an axe.

He used it break into a pharmacy office, shattering the glass in the process. He barricaded the door once inside and then swallowed a “sizeable” amount of drugs in the office.

The man moved to the bathroom once police were able to get through the obstructed office. He then resorted to kicking and punching police officers and a police dog.

The robber was taken to the hospital before being charged with robbery, burglary, battery for alleged attacks on the police officer and dog, resisting arrest, and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

7. The Wall-Borers

A woman went to the emergency room to get treated for pain, but she became either bored or desperate enough while waiting that she and a friend bore a hole through a wall to get to the pharmacy.

The man and woman broke into the pharmacy after hours and stole money and some medications.

Police found the pair after someone called the cops about “suspicious activity” at apartments near the hospital, and officers found items stolen from the pharmacy on the pair.

8. The Roofer

Police managed to foil the plans of a man who tried to burglarize a pharmacy in Texas.

Witnesses saw a man on top of a Medicine Chest in dark clothing and alerted police.

Officers discovered a 23-year-old with a grinder, safety googles, power cords, gloves, and grinder blades, and they surmised that he was planning to cut through the metal roof with a grinder in order to access the pharmacy.

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