5 Key Sessions, Interviews at ASN 2023 Kidney Week Annual Meeting


Pharmacy Times will be at the American Society for Nephrology’s (ASN) 2023 Kidney Week Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from November 2 to 5.

It’s been 9 years since ASN Kidney Week was in Philadelphia, and this year’s conference is set to feature a wide variety of educational and clinical sessions for the 12,000 professionals who will be in attendance. ASN 2023 Kidney Week will have numerous learning pathways, posters, and topics that attendees can tune into, along with networking opportunities. The agenda at ASN will also include various series of special, oral, and abstract sessions led by expert speakers from around the globe; they will address the latest innovations and science emerging in nephrology, along with new tools and therapies set to change the landscape of kidney care.

Crystal light - stock.adobe.com

Crystal light - stock.adobe.com

Stay tuned on PharmacyTimes.com for exclusive session coverage and interviews with experts, including:

  • A discussion with Silvi Shah, MD, MS, FASN, who will speak in a session that directly considers women and facets of sex and gender as they relate to kidney health. Shah will comment on managing hypertension during pregnancy to improve long-term health outcomes in those with kidney disease, provide insight about the use of dialysis during treatment, and address risks associated with hypertension and certain treatment options while pregnant.
  • Coverage of a session that will explore the ways in which health care disparities affect the LGBTQ+ community in nephrology. During the session, experts will discuss the intersection between LGBTQ+ identity, race, and socioeconomic status; unique nephrology-specific issues that impact certain members of this patient population; health care disparities and their impact on health-related outcomes; and the implications of identity on health-related outcomes. Speakers include the likes of Yuvaram NV Reddy, MBBS, MPH, FASN, a nephrologist with Penn Medicine.
  • An exclusive interview with Shuvo Roy, PhD, who will be presenting in the session “The Wearable or Implantable (Bio)Artificial Kidney in 2023 and Beyond,” discusses the current state of wearable and implantable bio(artificial) kidneys, technologies that can be used to achieve these advancements, and the future landscape of this research.
  • Coverage of an educational review of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science in nephrology to improve the treatment of acute kidney injury. Experts will characterize AI, provide an overview of current efforts to validate certain models, discuss its use in other areas of medicine, and expose experts in the field to the ways in which AI can be used to directly improve patient care for those with AKI.
  • Coverage of the roles of nutrition and weight loss in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and the role of exercise for patients on dialysis. Pharmacy Times will uncover how diet and lifestyle affect kidney health, the mechanisms necessary to achieve weight loss, and the particular impact of exercise on cardiovascular health and kidney-related outcomes in patients on dialysis.

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