4 Activities Pharmacists Should Try This Summer


Summer is here, and pharmacists may be considering trying new and exciting activities.

Summer is here, and pharmacists may be considering trying new and exciting activities.

Pharmacists can participate with family and friends in these events that could even become hobbies.

Additionally, these are indoor events that are great if you are trying to beat the heat this summer.

Check out these 4 activities for pharmacists to try this summer.

Attempt an escape room


Escape rooms have become the latest trend in entertainment in the United States.

Escape rooms originated in Asia and have gained international acclaim.

Groups of individuals are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape in 60 minutes.

Not to worry, you can leave the room at any time as you are not really locked in.

Gather a group of your pharmacy colleagues together for a unique and exciting experience.

This can also be a great team building exercise to enhance your communication skills as a pharmacist.

I am looking forward to trying an escape room sometime in the future.

Engage in adult coloring book groups


Adult coloring books have become extremely popular over the past few years.

I recently purchased a book at Barnes and Noble and started coloring and have found it to be very relaxing.

The coloring pages are very positive with themes of love, friendship, family, and following your dreams.

Research has demonstrated that coloring may have mental health benefits such as reducing anxiety.1

Check out your local library or book store, as they may offer adult coloring book activities.

You can also start your own pharmacy coloring book group.

Set up a weekly or monthly date, and you can even provide coffee and snacks along with coloring supplies, or everyone can bring their own.

This can be a great stress relieving activity.

Participate in library programs


Your local library will usually offer some great free summer activities.

Programs may include film and current events discussions, exercise programs, family bingo night, and magic shows.

Libraries also offer adult summer reading programs filled with a plethora of stimulating events such as an author speaker series, writing workshops, and poetry readings.

Have you always wanted to get creative and write a fictional story?

Well, look no further than the library.

Many libraries offer programs to enhance your writing skills.

These stimulating opportunities will also help you in your pharmacy career.

Attend an interactive show.

I recently attended an intriguing show hosted by a mentalist, which is an individual who demonstrates intuitive abilities.

The show included mathematical puzzles, mind reading, and a variety of illusions.

You will constantly be asking yourself how the performer was able to accomplish the tasks.

These shows may be available in your home town or check them out if you are in Las Vegas for vacation or events like the upcoming ThoughtSpot Conference 2017. Murder mystery shows can be great events for you and your pharmacy colleagues.

What is better than dinner and a show that will keep you guessing?

Murder mystery trains are also popping up across the country and can offer a great show experience.

Pharmacists enjoy your summer, and try to take a break and enjoy some of these activities!



1. Curry NA, Kasser T.

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