AmerisourceBergen & Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughtSpot 2017

AmerisourceBergen & Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughtSpot 2017

A Tool to Estimate DIR Fees?
The DIR Fee Estimator tool uses claim detail in combination with DIR rates from signed contracts between Elevate Provider Network and pharmacy benefit managers.
How Does the Pharmacy Ownership Program Help Independent Pharmacy Owners?
Jennifer Zilka, Vice President of Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership for Good Neighbor Pharmacy, talks about how the pharmacy ownership program helps independent pharmacy owners maximize their business. 
How Do Business Coaches Work with Pharmacy Owners?
Jennifer Zilka, Vice President of Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership for Good Neighbor Pharmacy, discusses how business coaches work with pharmacy owners to identify their needs. 
The Evolution of the Business Coaching Program for Pharmacy Owners
Jennifer Zilka, Vice President of Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership for Good Neighbor pharmacy, speaks about the growth and evolution of the Business Coaching Program. 
Pharmaceutical Distribution Networks: What Is Their Role in Patient Safety?
A key factor in addressing these traceability issues, Horvath said, has been the continuous improvement program, implemented 2 years ago at AmerisourceBergen and developed with the goal to enhance customer experience.
Boehner Addresses Role of Community Pharmacist
“Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to your elected officials, whether on a federal, local or state level,” Boehner said. 
How Has Independent Pharmacy Changed in Recent Years?
Charlie Le Bon, the Director of Pharmacy Ownership for AmerisourceBergen, discusses recent changs in the pharmacy landscape. 
The Benefits of AmerisourceBergen's Pharmacy Ownership Program
A vast buyer network can assist with purchasing community pharmacies. 
Panel Discussion Encourages Community Pharmacists to Get Active About the Issues
Only a small portion of pharmacists are politically involved.
Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Winner Named
Each finalist was chosen out of 50 nominees.  
Despite a Challenging Market, Tools Available for Independent Pharmacists
The challenges are well-documented, but additional acccess to data is assisting the independent pharmacist. 
What Does the Marketplace Look Like for Pharmacy Owners Looking to Buy Independent Pharmacies?
Charlie Le Bon, who is Director of Pharmacy Ownership with AmerisourceBergen, shares his insights on the current state of the pharmacy business marketplace. 
Pharmacist-Focused Ordering Platform a Success
Since the 2016 launch of AmerisourceBergen’s ABC Order, many within the organization have come to see the ordering platform as the first step in a larger effort to improve the experience of independent pharmacists.
The Evolution of Independent Pharmacy
Throughout his career, Brian Nightengale, PhD, has bared witness to many of the changes and challenges experienced by independent pharmacists.
Opportunities and Challenges for Independent Pharmacy Owners
As independent pharmacy continues to evolve, pharmacy owners face both a potential for growth and obstacles to overcome to enable that growth.
Finalists Named in Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award
Independent pharmacists have emerged as trusted advisors who play an increasingly important role in community care nationwide.
AmerisourceBergen & Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughtSpot 2017 Heading to Vegas
According to information on the conference website, ThoughtSpot gives independent community pharmacies practical information in growing their business goals and revenue through education sessions, while also providing opportunities for exclusive deals on product purchases at the show.

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