Oral Hygiene Is Crucial for Diabetes

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Patients with diabetes need to pay close attention to their dental health. Astudy of 628 Pima Indians 35 years of age or older with type 2 diabetes indicatedthat periodontal disease strongly predicts mortality from heart diseaseand kidney disease. To investigate, the researchers used dental x-rays andexaminations to determine if the participants had periodontal disease. The gumdisease was classified as none, mild, moderate, or severe.

Reporting in Diabetes Care (January 2005), the researchers discovered that60% of the participants had severe periodontal disease. Of the 60%, 263(70%) of the participants had lost all their teeth. In the follow-up phase, an averageof 11 years, 204 of the participants had died. The researchers said that thedeath rates for all natural causes "expressed as the number of deaths per 1000person-years of follow-up were 3.7 for no or mild periodontal disease, 19.6 formoderate disease, and 28.4 for severe periodontal disease."

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