Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

DesChutes Medical Products Inc(Bend, Oregon) recently introducedMyself. This product is an FDA-clearedover-the-counter pelvic muscle trainer(PMT; formerly available by prescriptiononly) that is now available nationwide.Myself teaches and motivates women toeffectively strengthen their pelvic musclesby guiding them through a series of flexand-relax (Kegel) exercises. The exerciseshelp women control their pelvic musclesfor better bladder control, with theadded benefits of increased vaginal tonefor enhanced intimacy as well as preventionof prolapse. The kit retails for $89 andcontains 1 handheld personal PMT, 1vaginal sensor (nonlatex), step-by-stepinstructions, 1 replacement vaginal sensor,and a travel bag. For more information,visit, orcall 800-383-2588.