Polar Powder Cold Pak with Magnetic Therapy

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Adagen Medical International Inc(Atlanta, Ga) recently launched PolarPowder Cold Pak with Magnetic Therapy,the first and only magnetically chargedcold-pack therapy. The product uses apatent-pending process to reduce inflammationand increase blood flow to affectedareas. Through the combined effortsof cold and magnetic therapies, theproduct works in conjunction with thebody's natural healing process to promotefaster healing and more effective painrelief. It features a soft, pliable, nontoxic,magnetically charged powder that dispersescold more evenly and stayscold longer than water-based and gelbasedformulations. Polar Powder ColdPak with Magnetic Therapy is ideal forheadaches, sports injuries, arthritis, soremuscles, and back pain. For moreinformation, visit www.polarpowder.com,or call 866-432-2436.