Infrequent Exercisers May Find Relief in Vitamin E

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

For men who overdo a workout, the antidote to sore muscles may be found in vitamin E. Participants in a 2002 study received daily doses of 1000 IUs, after working out rigorously, and researchers found that muscle soreness, inflammation, and muscle weakness were reduced. Lower doses of 200 to 400 IUs may provide the same benefits as the higher doses. Athletes and those who are more physically fit may not need vitamin E after exercising, but it may be helpful to those who are not used to a strenuous workout.

The study?s author noted that more research is needed to determine vitamin E?s effects on women?s muscles. The researchers maintain that the best way to avoid muscle soreness is proper stretching before and after a workout as well as a gradual buildup of the workout?s intensity.

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