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The use of vitamins and supplements has become increasingly common in recent years, and the Pharmacy Times® Vitamins and Supplements resource center provides clinical news and articles as more and more become available over the counter.

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Results from New Trial Show Vitamin D and Fish Oil Hopeful in Prevention of Cancer and CVD
The vitamin D and omega-3 clinical trial (VITAL) is the largest, most recent study to test this subject matter, with nearly 26,000 United States men and women participating in the trial.
Vitamin D Helps the Immune System During Cold and Flu Season
Vitamin D helps the immune system stay balanced, much like a gymnist walking a balance beam.
Federal Court Orders Company to Stop Distributing Unapproved, Adulterated Drugs, Device
A federal court has ordered 2 Tennessee-based companies with the same owner to stop disstributing drugs, dietary supplements, and devices until they are found to be in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act and other requirements.
Vitamin E to Fortify the Immune System During Cold and Flu Season
Vitamin E is similar to vitamin C in that it also plays a role in keeping the immune system healthy.
Case Study: Vitamins for Eye Health
Should the pharmacist recommend this product for AM?
Vitamin D Is the New Hormone
Vitamin D circulates in the blood and binds to receptors in order to evoke biologic action.
Vitamin Supplementation Counseling Points for Parents
Improving health, maintaining health, or supplementing a child’s diet are all common reasons to recommend vitamins for some children, said Marsha Millonig, BSPharm, in a session at the McKesson ideaShare on Wednesday.
The Beauty of Vitamin A and Drug Spinoffs
The best natural and dietary supplements get turned into drugs. This is what happened to Vitamin A.
Are Women's Supplements and Vitamins Useful?
Some may not need these, but for those who do, pharmacists can point them toward the most appropriate formulations.
Pharmacy Benefits of Nutritional Supplements
Bruce Kneeland, community pharmacy consultant, discusses nutritional supplements as an economic opportunity for independent pharmacists, as well as their health benefits to patients.
Vitamin K Helps, Not Harms Patients on Warfarin
The trial analyzed the impact of vitamin K intake on patients who were taking warfarin to decrease the risk of blood clots.
Monday Pharmaceutical Mystery: May 6
How did a man with low sperm county get his wife pregnant?
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