Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC, has been a partner in health care since 1919, striving to be a trusted source of affordable, quality generic medications.

The company’s goal is to continually expand its portfolio with solutions and therapies that measurably improve lives, whether they are formulated by the in-house research and development division or acquired through outside partnership.

Strategy for Growth
Generic drugs have always been an essential aspect of Upsher-Smith’s business, and they have recently become the focus of a new growth strategy. Within the next few years, Upsher-Smith plans to double the size of its product pipeline, an aggressive strategic goal that it hopes to accomplish through a combination of mergers and acquisitions, organic development, and partnerships. The company is staying true to its roots while building a portfolio for tomorrow.

Reliable Supply
Meanwhile, Upsher-Smith remains committed to delivering a consistent, reliable supply of products to customers. The company aspires to be the first call, if not the only call, when customers need products. The generic market is dynamic and ever-changing, and Upsher-Smith’s dedication to a “strategic inventory” helps ensure that it can come through when competitors cannot. The company’s efforts also help support the corporate vision, which is focused on serving the health and lives of patients, its ultimate and most important customer.

Commitment to Service
Over the years, Upsher-Smith’s vigilant level of service has earned numerous accolades, including the Cardinal Health Supply Chain Excellence and Healthcare Distribution Alliance DIANA awards. The company’s dedicated, passionate sales team members take full responsibility for customer care, not letting even the littlest things go by without resolution.
Customers can always rely on Upsher-Smith to be attentive to detail, generous with its time, and highly knowledgeable when it comes to every interaction with and request from those it serves.
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