Rx.com Offers Alternative to PBM Mail Order

MARCH 01, 2005

Rx.com kicked off 2005 with its shipment of the first retail pharmacy-based mail-order prescriptions from its Fort Worth, Tex-based fulfillment facility. The Rx.com strategy is the total opposite of mail-order plans offered by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) that operate their own mailorder facilities.

There is concern about mandatory mail order taking business away from the neighborhood drugstore. Ken Hill, Sr, Rx.com chief executive officer, said, "As employer health plans across the country continue to force millions of consumers to get their prescriptions from mail-order pharmacies, many retail pharmacies are losing dramatic volumes of prescriptions to the ‘big 3'PBMs."

Hill further explained, "The Rx.com strategy was designed specifically to prevent PBMs from further encroaching on retail pharmacy and at the same time restore the community pharmacist relationship patients count on."

The system works by using the company's technology that is integrated with the PDX Pharmacy System and the Rx.com Enterprise Pharmacy System in place at >10,000 US pharmacies. The prescriptions are entered, verified, and adjudicated at a local pharmacy. Then a request for fulfillment is sent to the Rx.com facility, where the prescription is filled, verified for accuracy, labeled (with the local pharmacy's label and logo), and either returned to the store for patient pickup or sent directly to the patient.