CourMed, a crowdsourced delivery platform for health care items, was recently chosen to receive technical, business, and sales enablement support from Microsoft Corporation to help scale its concierge service for patients, employees, and customers nationwide.1

A comprehensive global program designed to support startups, Microsoft for Startups is indicated to support the ecosystems of budding startups, such as building new technology, landing the first customer, or scaling on a larger level.1

“Microsoft for Startups is invested in the success of CourMed and other startups like it,” said Dean Jones, US Premier Delivery Senior Service Manager for Microsoft North America, in a prepared statement. “We provide access to technology, go-to-market and community benefits that will help them grow their customer and revenue base.”1

CourMed launched in November 2018 at Vizient headquarters in Texas. In its first year of operations, it was the only delivery platform invited to McKesson ideaShare 2019  pharmacy conference, according to the company.1

"It was at the ideaShare Conference where we found the blue ocean for crowdsourced delivery of health care items. Six months following the conference CourMed's revenue and volumes increased by 100%," said Derrick L. Miles, President and CEO, CourMed.

CourMed focuses on unit economics and customer satisfaction prior to pursuing massive scale. In addition, the company delivers a multitude of health care items, such as prescription meds, vitamins, supplements, and other health care items through a crowdsourced network of delivery drivers.2

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