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 Hospital, profession, pharmacists in pharmacy school class | Image Credit: Mediteraneo -
Walgreens Focuses Attention on Pharmacy School Enrollment With Walgreens Deans Advisory Council

February 8th 2024

The company said the council members will meet quarterly to identify ways to attract, recruit, and create a dynamic workplace for both current and future pharmacists.

Happy man chooses medicine with help of young pharmacist in drugstore | Image Credit: Drazen -
Multilingual Pharmacists Create Bridge of Communication, Access for Patients

January 15th 2024

Female Pharmacist and Young Woman Using Contactless Payment | Image Credit: Gorodenkoff -
Top 5 Pharmacy Focus Podcasts of 2023

December 28th 2023

Young female pharmacist checking inventory of medicines in pharmacy | Image Credit: StratfordProductions -
Top 5 Pharmacy Student Articles of 2023

December 24th 2023

The man with runner on the street be running for exercise. | Image Credit: sutadimages -
Physical Activity Positively Impacts Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety

October 31st 2023

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