Kapil Rawal


Pharmacists Can Help Treat Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

Managing transitions of care is vital to discontinue use of unnecessary drugs and minimize medication errors.

Sankesh Abbhi


The Future of Patient Safety Is in Automation, Digital Health

With shifts in health care moving toward AI and automation, issues relating to how these innovations may impact patient safety continue to emerge.

Theresa Ha Doan, PharmD Candidate


Clinical Overview: Paxlovid for COVID-19

Paxlovid treats COVID-19 in adults who do not require supplemental oxygen and who are at an increased risk of progression to severe disease.

Nedah Basravi


When It Comes to Curbing Drug Abuse, Technicians Are Crucial

Adequate training will help them recognize signs of misuse and assist with preventive measures.

Kellyn Engstrom, PharmD, MPH


Scratch Beneath the Surface: ABSSSI

Consider key elements of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection to help patients manage this broad range of diseases.

Hamdi Lababidi


GOLD Guidelines Provide Recommendations on Managing COPD

Pivotal resource helps health care professionals diagnose, manage, and prevent this group of lung diseases.

Alex Miguel, PharmD


5 Ways Pharmacists Can Increase Engagement, Improve Services

Patients want more out of community pharmacies in a post-pandemic culture.

Grace Huynh, Tiffany Pham, Curtis Yu, Monica Vuong, and Luke Tso, PharmD, BCPS


The Emerging Role of Pharmacists as Social Media Influencers

Pharmacists have had to adapt to meeting more frequently online instead of in person, while embracing new ways of delivering care and disseminating health care information.

Alex Boulware, PharmD


Hypertension Management in Older Adults

Pharmacists play an important role in assisting with hypertension treatment by helping to modify blood pressure therapies when patients experience adverse effects or helping if a patient has difficulty remembering to take their medications.

Ryan Moriarty


Case Studies: April 2022

How would you handle these patients' questions?

Justyna Sudyka, PharmD Candidate


Paths Less Traveled: Writing a Successful Pharmacy CE Activity

Remember the words of Nelson Mandela: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Julia Smoak, PharmD Candidate


Case Study: Impact of Biotin Lab Interferences in Clinical Practice

Some of the most frequently noted biotin interferences are with immunoassays for thyroid markers, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin, and N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide.

Katie Lavigne, JD


Lawsuit Challenges States’ Ability to Bar Access to Mifepristone

Without a constitutional right to abortion, mail order pharmacy providers need to consider both the federal requirements and various state laws in how they approach the dispensing of mifepristone across state lines.

Stuart Madden, PHD, CCHEM, FRSC


Understanding Opportunities for Non-Invasive Pain Treatments

An effective therapeutic treatment for acute or chronic pain needs to be convenient, easy to self-administer, and have rapid onset to provide fast relief.

Trevor Bertsch, PharmD, MBA


The Vital Role of Community Pharmacists In Today’s Health Care Environment

While larger pharmacies can utilize a network of clinical resources, smaller community pharmacies are embracing their relationships with their local communities.

Ebony Caldwell, MA, EdD


Bringing a Culture of Belonging to Pharmacy

Leaders must fully understand the benefits of diversity and create an environment in which it thrives to cultivate and inspire the next generation of inclusive leaders.

Reema Hammoud, PharmD, BCPS


AI and Pharma: Creating Improved Outcomes for Patients and Practitioners

AI models can predict pharmacy foot traffic and peak service times, and even analyze patient histories to single out who picks up their prescriptions on time.

Lisa M. Nijm, MD, JD


New Therapeutic Agents and Final Thoughts on DED

A panel of experts comment on new therapeutic agents being developed and discuss their final thoughts on dry eye disease.

Dora Aguayo


Pharmacy Students Lead Drive-Through Influenza Vaccination Event

Idaho State University partners with the Idaho Immunization Coalition to effectively and safely vaccinate patients against influenza.

Autumn D. Zuckerman, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP, CSP


Multisite Health-Systems Specialty Pharmacy Study Evaluates Adherence to Self-Administered Biologic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs

High adherence to treatment is a key first step toward better patient outcomes, including sustained disease control or remission.

Nicholas Wang, PharmD Candidate


Tip of the Week: How to Handle Venting at Work?

Pharmacy managers must not only possess high levels of emotional intelligence, but should also encourage development among staff that facilitates more effective and creative outlets for frustration.

Abhiruchi Mehta, PharmD, MS


New Therapeutic Agents and Final Thoughts on DED

A panel of experts comment on new therapeutic agents being developed and discuss their final thoughts on dry eye disease.

Jennifer Garris, BSPS


A Brief Overview of Loop Diuretics Used in Heart Failure

The combination of loop diuretics with other drugs that act at different pharmacologic targets has been shown to improve diuretic response in patients with heart failure.

Adrienne Brennan, PharmD, CSP


New Treatment Options Are on the Horizon for β-Thalassemia

Gene therapies in late-stage development may soon provide hope for a cure.

Larry King, PharmD, Manager of Clinical Informatics at Surescripts


Helping Pharmacists Excel in the ‘New Normal’

With more work and less staff, we need to examine how we can better support pharmacists in the new normal brought on by COVID-19.

Ashley Lam, PharmD Candidate


Considerations for Environmentally Conscious Pharmacy Students

Environmental conditions and air pollution affect health by causing injuries and fatalities, exacerbating respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and spreading infectious diseases.

Stephen M. Webster, PharmD, MSBA


It Is Time to Consider Alternatives to Discipline Programs

Professional assistance programs provide pathway for health care professionals to return to practice following treatment for substance use disorder.

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