Lindsey Mulrooney


Intravenous Immunoglobulin May Accelerate Platelet Count Stabilization, Recovery in Obinutuzumab-Related Thrombocytopenia

Complete recovery of platelet counts after obinutuzumab-based therapy was found to be associated with, or accelerated by, intravenous immunoglobulin.

William Creed Carleton, PharmD Candidate


ADHD Awareness Month and the Pharmacist’s Role

ADHD Awareness Months brings attention to a common, but still somewhat misunderstood condition that pharmacists encounter on a near daily basis.

Madison Holmes, PharmD, BPCS; Amy Renaud, PharmD; Chenita Carter, PharmD, MS; Ndia Hall, PharmD Candidate; Unique Allen, PharmD Candidate; Sebastian Alvarez, PharmD Candidate; Sheryl Smith, PharmD Candidate


Summertime Medication Sun Safety Tips

With the vast number of drugs that can induce photosensitivity, patients taking any of these medications should receive safety counseling, especially during the summer months.

Troy J. Smith, PharmD, BSChE


Educational Opportunities Exist for the Pharmaceutical Care of Animals

Interested individuals may gain certification or continuing-education credits, many of which are available through the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

Nicole Rudawsky, PharmD, BCPS


January OTC Case Studies- Diabetes

Cases address questions about glycated hemoglobin A1C and hypoglycemia management.

Sandi Perry, PharmD Candidate


The Pharmacist’s Role in Bleeding Disorders

Pharmacists are an important part of the care team for patients with bleeding disorders, providing services such as medication counseling and reconciliation.

Mindy Chen, BS, PharmD Candidate; and Shane P. Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA


Tip of the Week: The Time is Now to Provide Telehealth, Telepharmacy Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has elevated telehealth as a viable alternative to face-to-face interactions under certain circumstances, the list of which is expanding as technology expands and clinicians become more accustomed to and adept in its use.

Valerie Wasem, BS


Postpandemic Future Is Bright for Technicians

Tapping techs as immunizers opens up greater visibility and new source of health care labor.

Brian Walker, RPh


New Therapeutic Agents and Final Thoughts on DED

A panel of experts comment on new therapeutic agents being developed and discuss their final thoughts on dry eye disease.

Emlah Tubuo, PharmD


Managing Vaccines and COVID-19 Testing With Paperless Technology

COVID-19 has increased the demand for new, safer curbside conveniences and the health care industry—including the pharmacy—has transformed rapidly to meet patient needs and prioritize safety as a result of the pandemic.

Anthony Perissinotti, PharmD, BCOP


Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Considerations for Pharmacists

Drs Anthony Perissinotti and Kirollos Hanna provide some important considerations for pharmacists in treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Rachael M Sheehan, PharmD


Evaluation of a Chemotherapy Advanced Preparation Pilot Program to Improve Throughput in an Oncology Infusion Clinic

Pharmacy workflow changes in the preparation of chemotherapy products can reduce patient chair time.

Martha M. Rumore, PharmD, RPh, MS, LLM, Esq


FDA Proposed Rule: Game Changer For Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

FDA seeks to reduce diversion of pharmaceutical products via sales by unlicensed distributers and tighten up the supply chain by vetting trading partners.

Danielle Harvey, PharmD Candidate


Tips to Finding Balance: Being a Well-Rounded Student Pharmacist

From countless hours of studying to participating in pharmacy organizations to volunteering in the community, it’s no surprise that student pharmacists often struggle to find balance as a well-rounded student.

Tom Knight


Three Ways to Address Clinical Burnout and Health Care Drug Diversion

While staffing challenges mean health leaders may have to shift priorities and resources, one area where we shouldn’t scale back is in our efforts to mitigate health care drug diversion.

Sara Luhrs, PharmD Candidate


Clinical Overview: Certain Antihypertensive Drugs Can Lower Risk for New Onset Type 2 Diabetes

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials adds to growing evidence around certain antihypertensive drug classes showing promise for primary or secondary prevention of diabetes.

Sebastian Pistritto


Proof of Delivery is Key to Maximizing Pharmacy Reimbursement, Defending Audits and Preventing Costly Write-Offs

Five crucial steps pharmacies can take to enhance patient engagement and lower operational costs.

Amir Saba, PharmD Candidate


Considerations for Environmentally Conscious Pharmacy Students

Environmental conditions and air pollution affect health by causing injuries and fatalities, exacerbating respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and spreading infectious diseases.

Sam Butler, MD


Study: Developing MIS-C Remains Rare but Significantly More Likely for Unvaccinated Children

Study shows that 98% of cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) were unvaccinated, suggesting that vaccination reduces the chance of a child who had COVID-19 later developing MIS-C.

Melissa Badowski, PharmD, MPH, FCCP, BCIDP, BCPS, AAHIVP


Managing Drug Interactions in HIV and TB Coinfection Is Complex

Best practices call for referring to resources, such as those from HHS and the University of Liverpool.

Aditi Haribhakti


Deprescribing Helps Optimize Medication Use

Frequent reassessments of therapy regimens address polypharmacy, particularly for older patients.

Sara L. Tolliday, PharmD, RPh


Perinatal Women’s Views of Pharmacist-Delivered Perinatal Depression Screening

Pharmacists are ideally positioned within communities to identify patients struggling with perinatal depression.

Tracie Acosta, CPhT


Four Tips for Navigating Pharmacy Compliance Audits in 2022

In recent years, the auditing process has evolved into a full-blown investigation, often requiring pharmacies to submit hundreds of pages of documentation

Christine Phan, PharmD


Three Ways Community Pharmacies Can Partner With Academia to Implement Patient Care Initiatives

Many faculty members are adept at training and teaching pharmacists and pharmacy technicians how to perform physical exams and tests.

Sharyl Zaccaglino, MS


503B Has Genesis in Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

Facilities play key role in health care because of their bulk production, stringent quality standards and wide distribution.

John F Folstad, PharmD, BCPS


Evaluation of a Chemotherapy Advanced Preparation Pilot Program to Improve Throughput in an Oncology Infusion Clinic

Pharmacy workflow changes in the preparation of chemotherapy products can reduce patient chair time.

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