Sharyl Zaccaglino, MS


503B Has Genesis in Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

Facilities play key role in health care because of their bulk production, stringent quality standards and wide distribution.

John F Folstad, PharmD, BCPS


Evaluation of a Chemotherapy Advanced Preparation Pilot Program to Improve Throughput in an Oncology Infusion Clinic

Pharmacy workflow changes in the preparation of chemotherapy products can reduce patient chair time.

Rania El-Lababidi, PharmD


Long Story Short: Cellulitis Can Be Treated in Less Than a Week

Duration of therapy may be just 5 to 6 days for patients without risk factors for complications.

Justyna Sudyka, 2021 PharmD Candidate, the University of Connecticut


Key References Guide Diabetes Management in Children

With schools around the nation reopening, it is time to think about managing diabetes in the classroom.

Michelle Humeidan, MD, PhD


Prioritizing Patient Pain Before Surgery Can Help Change the Trajectory of the Opioid Epidemic

Physician outlines the process developed at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center to help manage patient pain before, during, and after surgery without the use of opioids.

Phuoc Anh (Anne) Nguyen, PharmD, MS, BCPS


12 Things Pharmacy Students Can Do to Become Leaders

Small choices during pharmacy school can help students on the path to becoming leaders in the field.

Olivia Wierciszewski


Pharmacists Can Help Treat Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

Managing transitions of care is vital to discontinue use of unnecessary drugs and minimize medication errors.

Scott Brunner, CAE


Opinion: The FDA is in a Hole With MOU on Compounding Medications—It Should Stop Digging

Congress expected the FDA to draft a memorandum of understanding on interstate distributions of compounded medications that states would be willing to sign, but that’s not what the agency did.

Don V. Scigliano, PharmD Candidate


FDA Approves Newest Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Cervical Cancer

Tisotumab vedotin-tftv is used as antitumor therapy for patients with disease progression during or after chemotherapy.

Kathryn Kane-Neilson, BS, CT (ASCP)


Where's All This Waste Going? The Environmental Impact of Vaccinations in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased vigilance over the proper disposal of vaccine-related materials, such as vials, needles, syringes, and bandages.

Sasha Premraj, PharmD


Scratch Beneath the Surface: ABSSSI

Consider key elements of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection to help patients manage this broad range of diseases.

Cindy Jeter, CPhT, CPP, BGS


Lessons Learned: Pharmacy Purchasing During a Pandemic

Pharmacies cannot prevent shortages, particularly with the complexities of treating COVID-19; however, they can strengthen their ability to prepare their organization to respond to those complexities.

Karthik Ganesh, CEO of EmpiRx Health


Pharmacy: The Missing Piece of the Value Puzzle

The necessary push for the health care industry to move to whole-person care instead of condition-oriented models and tactics for applying a value-based model in pharmacy benefits.

Robert Mownn, PharmD


Oncology Overview: Discovering the Therapeutic Value of Osimertinib Targeted Therapy

Osimertinib (Tagrisso; AstraZeneca) is FDA approved for 3 unique cancer indications.

Erin R. Anderson


Use Caution When Handling Controlled Substance Prescriptions

Technicians can help prevent drug diversion, provide care for patients with opioid use disorder.

Payton E. Atkins


The Truth About Drug Testing and the Olympics

There are many substances that are included on the prohibited list for the Tokyo Olympics that are considered standard medications for certain disease states.

Scott Kornhauser


Pharma Moves Toward Value-Based Contracting

Part 1 of this 4-part series provides a general overview of the trends that are moving payers and pharmaceutical companies in this direction.

Christopher Baladad, PharmD


Pharmacists Can Identify, Prevent, and Treat Viral Hepatitis

They play an indispensable role in the vaccination and management of complex regimens.

Ken Maxik, MBA, BSPharm


Closed-System Transfer Devices Reduce Exposure to Contaminants

When choosing an appropriate system, pharmacists must consider all data, as not all CSTDs are equally effective.

Ashley Skokan


Certified Technicians Play a Feature Role in COVID-19 Response, Vaccinations

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacy technicians spent most of their shifts helping patients, billing insurance, stocking the pharmacy area, dispensing prescriptions, and other administrative duties. However, COVID-19 quickly changed that.

Mary A. Gutierrez, PharmD


Pharmacists Play Role in Pharmacogenomics Clinical Services

They should consider many factors and use clear guidance on predicting phenotypes from genotypes to intervene optimally based on specific drug-gene interactions.

Emily Viehl, PharmD, BCOP


Teclistamab-cqyv Shows Promise in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Following 4 Prior Lines of Therapy

Because of CRS and neurologic toxicity risk, the therapy is available through a REMS program.

Haytham Gareer, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS


Colorectal Cancer: Screening Options and Potential Emerging Role for Pharmacists

Nearly 63% of newly diagnosed patients have advanced colorectal cancer, which requires more aggressive treatment and reduces the associated 5-year survival rate.

Amy Indorf, PharmD, BCOP


Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Change Treatment Landscape for Metastatic Cervical Cancer

Approval of a novel antibody-drug conjugate ushers in new second-line option.

Chris Yuen, PharmD


Beyond the Rx: How Pharmacists Fill an Important Role in Prevention, Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease

As few as one-third of individuals who are living with peripheral artery disease are receiving medical therapies to address their risk factors.

Tyler Poli, PharmD


The Importance of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV

PrEP therapy has revolutionized HIV treatment by protecting patients who are high risk for acquiring the virus.

Adrienne Michelet, PharmD Candidate


Pharmacists Play an Essential Role in Patients’ Access to Contraception

Legislation allowing pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives is becoming more widespread.

Cristina Manos, RPh


Ohio Leads the Way in Pharmacy Reform, Will Other States Follow?

Many pharmacists must find a way to vaccinate hundreds of patients in an organized way, while still having to run an understaffed pharmacy.

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