Pharmacogenomics in Practice
Pharmacogenomics in Practice
Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP, owner of RxClinic Pharmacy, discusses how pharmacogenomics works in her daily practice with patients.
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Fingolimod treats relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis in adult patients.
Frontline Care Provider in the Vaping Epidemic
As more vaping cases are reported, patients may desire answers from their trusted providers.
The OTC Guide survey will be open for pharmacists to participate from Nov. 15, 2019, to March 1, 2020.
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Pharmacist's Role in Identifying & Managing OIC
The panel reflects on the role of a pharmacist in the identification and management of opioid-induced constipation.
Men with breast cancer had higher mortality than women regardless of cancer type, treatment, and access to care.
A new method of targeted radiation therapy sends alpha-emitting particles directly to stroma cells in pancreatic cancer tissue.
Pharmacists should familiarize themselves with the risk factors, symptoms, and treatments of these bacterial infections
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Louisiana, Nevada, Texas rank highest in flu activity for the month of November.
The approval for the first generic sucralfate oral suspension is 1 of the 15 complex products the manufacturer expects to launch over an 18- to 24-month period.

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