Zolav Proven Effective in Treating Acne

A new antibiotic has been shown to treat severe acne without the adverse side effects of isotretinoin.

In a new study published by Journal of Drug Design, Development and Therapy, the drug Zolav was proven to be an effective new antibiotic for treating acne.

Researchers have found that Zolav has antioxidant-like properties and has lower toxicity to cells than other current treatments.

Chief Executive Officer of Boulos and Cooper Pharmaceuticals Ramiz Boulos stated in a press release, “these are promising results and provide persons affected by acne with a new treatment option that is low risk.”

The current treatment for severe cases of acne is isotretinoin.

This vitamin A derivative is effective in treating acne, but it has many adverse side effects. The most severe adverse side effect is birth defects in pregnant women.

Zolav will reach the market in only a couple of years, according to a press release.