Cold/Flu Podcast #1

Key Finding #1 — Pharmacists expect that their role will increase this cold/flu season based on the following environmental factors: 1) Community pharmacists believe that this cold and flu season will bring more aggressive infections 2) Pharmacists report that the economic downturn will increase their role in healthcare this cold and flu season

• A new national survey of 505 pharmacists was conducted to understand the pharmacist’s insight and role in providing recommendations for cold and flu season. The survey, entitled, “National Pharmacist O.T.C. (Observations on the Treatment of Colds),” was sponsored by Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. an OTC healthcare company, and makers of Zicam products.

• One key finding of the new survey showed that nine out of 10 pharmacists expected that they will play a greater role in health care this cold and flu season due to the economic downturn.

• Another finding showed, 85 percent of pharmacists expect that the economic downturn will drive more patients to seek their consultation first before seeing a physician.

• At a recent roundtable discussion about the results, lead by Dr. Fred Eckel, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Experiential Education at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy, pharmacists revealed that they feel that they’ve always endured a demanding occupation, given that they are the most accessible health care provider for patients.

• This is one of five podcasts that will be made accessible to pharmacists over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for future updates that will reveal additional key findings from the survey.