Your Story, Your HIV Wisdom Brings Together HIV Voices and Supports HIV Community Organizations


In an effort to demonstrate the power of shared wisdom, provide a place for the HIV community to access and share information and support national HIV advocacy efforts, Janssen has announced the launch of Your Story, Your HIV Wisdom.


TITUSVILLE, N.J., September 8, 2015 — Seeking and sharing information are important parts of the HIV journey – in fact, 80 percent of people living with HIV said they give advice or tell others where to find HIV-related information.[1] In an effort to demonstrate the power of shared wisdom, provide a place for the HIV community to access and share information and support national HIV advocacy efforts, Janssen Therapeutics (Janssen) announced today the launch of Your Story, Your HIV Wisdom™.

Your Story, Your HIV WisdomTM honors the experiences of people living with or affected by HIV. By sharing insights, perspectives and encouragement at in the form of words, pictures, audio or video, participants have an opportunity to make a difference for others affected by HIV. With these wisdom submissions, Janssen will make a donation to one of two national advocacy organizations serving the HIV community — AIDS United or the Black AIDS Institute – for a total campaign donation of up to $10,000 per organization. AIDS United focuses on community-driven responses to the HIV epidemic that reach at-risk populations. The mission of the Black AIDS Institute is to stop the AIDS pandemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront HIV.

Janssen has also brought together some of the leading voices in the HIV community to serve as advisors to Your Story, Your HIV WisdomTM.* Each month, Guy Anthony, Maria Mejia and Josh Robbins will share inspiring submissions in the Your Story, Your HIV Wisdom™ “Wisdom Gallery.” Each received powerful wisdom at key moments in their HIV journeys, learning firsthand the power of sharing information and the importance of passing wisdom on to their networks.

  • Guy Anthony is a published author and well-known HIV/AIDS blogger and vlogger. Guy encourages people to be open with their healthcare providers: “Ensure you are transparent and honest with your doctor — it’s important to share who you are outside of your HIV diagnosis, first. Without being fully aware of your sexual history, eating habits or housing status, your healthcare provider simply cannot provide you with comprehensive HIV-related care." Read more of Guy’s wisdom here.
  • Maria Mejia is a powerful advocate for HIV education, treatment, testing and prevention, with a strong presence in traditional and social media. In her own words, Maria noted, “I am one of the faces of HIV. No more shame, no more stigma! We are just human beings that happen to have the condition of HIV. It's that simple.” Read more of Maria’s wisdom here.
  • Josh Robbins is an HIV/AIDS activist and the founder of and “HIV Video Minute.” Josh commented, “Since being diagnosed, I’ve read and heard wisdom from thousands of people on the same journey as me. My piece of wisdom is simple — start talking. And make that talk encouraging to others.” Hear more of Josh’s wisdom here.

HIV was first reported in 1981[2] and remains a challenging disease and public health concern worldwide. In the United States today, an estimated 1.2 million people live with HIV[3] and the number of Americans being diagnosed with HIV every year — about 50,000 – has not declined since the mid-1990s.[4]

“Managing HIV requires more than medicine — it requires information and support, both from healthcare professionals and from others affected by the disease,” said Nefertiti Greene, president, Janssen Therapeutics. “Janssen has long been committed to providing resources for people living with HIV. We created Your Story, Your HIV Wisdom™ to support the community and provide a place to showcase the insights and experiences of people living with or affected by this difficult disease.”

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