Will Pharmacy School Graduates Be Next to Sue for Lack of Jobs?


Law school graduates are facing an increasingly tough job market and some have even sued their schools for failing to deliver employment upon graduation. Will pharmacy graduates do the same?

The headline in the Daily Tar Heel reads, “UNC School of Law sees a drop in the number of applicants,” and the story beneath it discusses the fact that law students, who have traditionally worried most about passing the bar exam, now have the added worry of whether they will be able to find a job in an increasingly tough employment market.

I have been reading a number of articles about law schools recently. Every time I do, I substitute “pharmacy” for “law.” The story described above, from April 10, 2013, discusses the declining pool of applicants at the UNC School of Law. Other articles have suggested that this is a nationwide trend. One story reports how a major university decided to reduce its entering class because of a scarcity of jobs available for graduates. There was also a recent story about law school graduates suing their school because the jobs they had been promised did not materialize upon graduation.

I think these stories could just as easily apply to pharmacy—do you agree? How is the job market for pharmacy graduates in your area? Do you feel that the establishment of new pharmacy schools has complicated the search for jobs in pharmacy and reduced the range of opportunities for new graduates?

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