Why Some Pharmacists Don't Offer Flu Shots

Some of the most successful pharmacists in the country don't offer flu shots.

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Some of the most successful pharmacists in the country don’t offer flu shots.

The influenza vaccine lessens the effect of the flu virus in some cases, but not all. The vaccine also comes with no guarantee that you’re not going to get the flu.

A patient’s ability to resist the flu may instead rest in something called glutathione, which is the body’s biggest defense mechanism.

How glutathione is built in the body is a very serious subject. Pharmacists who have mastered it get rave reviews from their patients.

So, aside from influenza vaccination, what can patients do to fight off the dreaded flu? Increase their glutathione levels.

Taking glutathione capsules directly is not an option. The gastric juices in the stomach will not absorb them, so patients would be wasting their money.

However, pharmacists can help patients stimulate their production of glutathione with supplementation of n-acetylcysteine, which can build the immune system to fight flu, bronchitis, viral pneumonia, and colds. This immune system-building process can also help to eliminate some allergies, so your patients will get a double benefit.

Another homeopathic product that can help combat the flu is Multi-Strain Flu Relief. Taken together, these products comprise a flu fighter combination that may prevent the flu. That’s called differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Differentiation is critical for an independent pharmacy’s survival, and it is also necessary for creating wealth for your pharmacy and family.

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