What Role Do Pharmacists Play in Educating About Nutraceuticals?

Patients can use guidance about what vitamin products to select for their use.

In this video, which is the start of an occasional series by Pharmacy Times on nutraceutical use, Judy Sommers Hanson,PharmD, FAPhA, discusses the important role that pharmacists can play in educating the public about nutraceutical use.


"In our coountry more patients are becoming more interested in other therapies to help support htteir care, and having the priviledge to do so is a great thing for our patients. Patients are going to need more guidance when it comes to selecting the appropriate prodcuts for their use. Pharmacists are greatly underutilized in this capaicty. I think It's a necessary thing for pharmacists to be able to help their patients select appropriate nutraceutical to help with disease prevention or disease management."