Week in Review: Pharmacists Rise to Meet COVID-19 Crisis and Other Top News Stories


Top news of the week from Pharmacy Times surrounding the novel coronavirus.

A countdown of the top news of the week from Pharmacy Times surrounding the novel coronavirus.

5. COVID-19: Times of Crisis Can Bring Out The Best in Pharmacy

Now is the time for pharmacists to stand even taller and provide more help to their communities. Read more.

4. APhA: Allow Pharmacists to Do More to Help Mitigate the Coronavirus

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is calling upon the federal Coronavirus Task Force to make greater use of pharmacists in combating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Read more.

3. Pharmacists Concerned About Lack of Personal Protective Equipment, Hand Sanitizers for COVID-19 Outbreak

Some pharmacists and technicians are reporting that they don’t have enough personal protective equipment behind the counter. Read more.

2. What Are Drug Prevention and Treatment Options for COVID-19?

Several pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop an effective treatment for the virus that is now a global pandemic. Read more.

1. Tips for Preparing Pharmacies, Patients for COVID-19

Protecting pharmacy staff is vital to ensuring continued care during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more.

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