Walgreens Launches Online Advisor to Provide Personalized Skincare Regimens


Walgreens has introduced an online skincare analysis tool called SkinID to evaluate each customer’s skincare needs, and build a personalized, 3-step daily routine that will help banish breakouts.

DEERFIELD, Ill.—Walgreens has introduced an exclusive skincare analysis tool called SkinID on Walgreens.com to evaluate each customer’s skincare needs, and to build a personalized, 3-step daily routine that will help banish breakouts. The cleansing, treatment, and moisturizing products recommended are selected from Walgreens products, across a variety of brands, utilizing Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.’s SkinID technology. Recommendations are based on inputs received by SkinID from customers about their individual breakouts, and skin types.

“As a health and beauty retailer, we understand the importance of taking care of your body’s overall health, which absolutely includes the body’s largest organ, your skin. Skincare should be the foundation of any healthy beauty regimen,” said Lauren Brindley, Walgreens' group vice president of beauty and personal care, in a statement. “We are pleased to introduce SkinID as our latest beauty innovation available on Walgreens.com, as it helps users better understand their overall skin health and manage acne over time in order to make more educated beauty purchases. SkinID is just the beginning of how Walgreens plans to address our customers’ skin health moving forward.”

Walgreens beauty offers products such as makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair care, professional hair tools, and nail care. With nearly 2,000 acne products on the market today, shopping for a skincare regimen can be overwhelming for shoppers. According to Walgreens, many customers don’t know what products, and ingredients are needed to address their unique skin conditions, and end up purchasing the wrong products.

“'One size fits all' does not apply to skincare,” said Sharon Holubek-Bank, Senior Director, Customer Development at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., in a statement. “When customers don’t see the results they are looking for, because they purchased the wrong products, they end up frustrated. Our scientists used their understanding of the skin and acne category to develop an algorithm that identifies the ingredients, and products that should work best to help clear up skin, based on an individual’s own skin needs. By collaborating with Walgreens, we hope to improve the whole shopping experience for consumers.”

Customers can find their personalized SkinID 3-step clear-skin routine by visiting the online portal available at www.walgreens.com/skinid or speaking to a Walgreens beauty consultant at select Walgreens stores. Customers who are members of the Beauty Enthusiast loyalty club, part of Walgreens' Balance Rewards program, can also save their results to their online profile for future reference, and personalized recommendation.

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