Walgreens Find Care® Introduces New Service to Address Need for Comprehensive Care During COVID-19 Pandemic


Through Walgreens Find Care®, patients can connect with local and national service providers through the convenience of the Walgreens mobile app or online.

Walgreens has announced the expansion of its digital health platform, Walgreens Find Care®, to include 11 new and 4 expanded collaborations with service providers, offering easier access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press release.

The new, expanded services span regional health systems and leaders in diabetes health care technology, hearing, vision, at-home COVID-19 testing, colon cancer screening, lab testing, mental health, musculoskeletal pain, and non-surgical back and neck rehabilitation. With these additions, individuals can now access more than 45 national and local health care service providers through Walgreens Find Care®.

“Walgreens Find Care® addresses more needs during the pandemic by connecting patients to care and helping customers think differently about how their pharmacy can become a resource for more of their health care needs,” said Giovanni Monti, senior vice president of health care services and Walgreens Boot Alliance, in a press release. “In addition to adding new services, with this expansion we are connecting our millions of customers nationwide to a broader mix of health systems and service providers that now offer more than 65 services and treat more than 120 conditions.”

The expansion of these services is important for patients and practitioners seeking to reduce exposure to COVID-19, with the CDC continuing to provide guidance to health care facilities and providers to offer clinical services through telehealth to help address medical needs while supporting social distancing efforts. According to the CDC, remote access to health care services may also better serve those who are medically or socially vulnerable or who do not have ready access to providers.

Through Walgreens Find Care®, patients can connect with local and national service providers through the convenience of the Walgreens mobile app or online. Further, the platform helps patients book appointments for a range of services, such as urgent care, telehealth, mental health, lab testing, physician house calls, and even hearing and optical services, according to the press release.

New or expanded Walgreens Find Care® collaborations include:

  • Abbott’s Diabetes Care business (new)
  • AtlantiCare (new)
  • BetterHelp (new)
  • Children’s National Hospital (new)
  • Clinical Reference Laboratory (new)
  • Cologuard (new)
  • For Eyes (expanded)
  • Hinge Health (new)
  • Labcorp (expanded)
  • Lexie Hearing (new)
  • McLaren Health Care (expanded)
  • myPrivia Virtual Clinic (new)
  • Novant Health (expanded)
  • Sanvello (new)
  • SpineZone (new)

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