VA Awards National Inventory Management Software Contract to ScriptPro


Leader in pharmacy technology to deploy inventory management solution across VA pharmacy network.

ScriptPro announces that it has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to deploy ScriptPro Inventory Management software (SIM) to manage pharmacy inventories enterprise wide. ScriptPro has been at the forefront of developing and providing operating systems for VA outpatient pharmacies for over 20 years. According to ScriptPro CEO Mike Coughlin, "This experience gives us a clear understanding of the needs of VA pharmacies, and SIM is an example of our motivation and dedication to meet those needs."

As stated in the contract award, "An inventory management system that incorporates industry best practices would allow pharmacy personnel to manage the inventory through aligning the inventory with the current mission, optimizing the theoretical turn rate and minimizing shrinkage and spoilage rates leading to a more efficient and effective use of the pharmacy budget."

This is the culmination of an effort that started in 2008 when the U.S. Office of Inspector General issued an audit report calling for better management of VA drug inventories. ScriptPro responded by working with VA leadership and front line personnel to develop a government-ready inventory management solution that functions inside its SP Central robotics-enabled workflow platform that, according to the award, "is currently installed in over 90% of VA pharmacies and the inventory management system, upon which SIM is based, delivers best-in-class inventory management functionality." Coughlin explains, "ScriptPro adapted SIM from its commercial sector SP Central software that powers pharmacies in leading hospitals in the U.S. and other countries. The adapted version has undergone several years of testing in almost 50 VA pharmacies."

According to Coughlin, "This is an excellent example of private industry and government working together to adapt and carefully test successful private-sector solutions to meet the needs of government healthcare systems. SIM is also working well in other government sectors."


ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled hardware and software systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations, promoting safe and effective medication use, automating inventory management, enabling telepharmacy and telecommunications with patients, and supporting specialty pharmacy clinical documentation and case management. ScriptPro drives customer financial success with built-in 340B and third-party payer and vendor management solutions. For more information, go to

SOURCE: ScriptPro

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