Trumm Drug Named Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year


Trumm Drug, a pharmacy serving Alexandria, Minnesota, has been named the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year by McKesson Pharmaceutical.

Trumm Drug, a pharmacy serving Alexandria, Minnesota, has been named the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year by McKesson, and will be given the award at the upcoming McKesson ideaShare conference on June 28, 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Founded in 1951, Trumm Drug has since expanded into 6 locations spread across southwest Minnesota. After 3 generations in the Trumm family, 2 staff pharmacists with over 10 years each in the pharmacy—Aaron Finley, PharmD and Allan Fettig, PharmD—purchased Trumm Drug in April 2018, though the former family owners continue to work closely with the new owners.

Trumm Drug emphasizes a sense of community and family throughout their work serving the broader Alexandria community, according to McKesson. They have over 1200 patients enrolled in the medication synchronization program, a number which has contributed to their increased clinical rankings. They have worked closely with McKesson Health Mart to strengthen their marketing and community advocacy. Trumm drug offers a wide range of health solutions, including diabetes care, specialty care, durable medical goods and a year-round vaccination program.

The Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year Award is given annually to a Health Mart pharmacy with superior clinical performance, high-touch patient relationships, and proactive advocacy efforts, according to McKesson.

Six other pharmacies also were recognized, for patient care, operational innovation, and outstanding contributions to their communities: Buena Vista Drug, Buena Vista, CO; Toledo Family Pharmacy, Toledo, OH; Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy, Desloge, MO; Black River Falls Clinic Pharmacy, Black River Falls, WI; Section Pharmacy Health Mart, Section, AL; and New Oakland Pharmacy, Oakland, CA.


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