Trending News Today: Walgreens-Rite Aid Merger May Require More Locations to be Unloaded

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The decision to remove the iPhone 7’s headphone jack is causing concerns about whether Apple’s new Airpods are safe, or could pose serious health risks. The cordless headphones will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, which some may argue could cause cancer. However, experts say that the radiation-emitting Airpods will not increase cancer risk, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Proving legal citizenship may pose a challenge to some individuals attempting to purchase a plan on Affordable Care Act exchanges. Last year, documentation issues prevented more than half a million individuals from receiving health insurance. There were 117,000 people who had their plans canceled due to data matching issues in early 2015, but only 17,000 people faced this issue early this year, according to USA Today.

Walgreens anticipates unloading a significant amount of stores to relieve antitrust concerns over its acquisition of Rite Aid. Previously estimates were eliminating less than 500 stores, but now Walgreens is expecting to unload more than that. The $9.41 billion deal would make the largest drugstore chain even larger, The New York Times reported.