Trending News Today: Viability of Affordable Care Act Threatened

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Higher wages for home healthcare workers may not necessarily improve the care that elderly individuals receive. Advocates for raising the wages of home aides say that this will create incentive for these workers to provide skilled and devoted care. However, these advocates also say that wage increases alone are not going to improve care, but better screening, training, and organization will be needed, according to Kaiser Health News.

A recent audit found that $359 million was wasted on unnecessary chiropractic care for Medicare beneficiaries in 2013. This spending comprised more than 80% of what Medicare spent on chiropractors in 2013, according to The Wall Street Journal. The audit found that after 30 visits, the care was unnecessary, and Medicare should place a limit on chiropractic care to reduce unnecessary spending.

Finalized rates for 2017 open enrollment are threatening the viability of the Affordability Care Act, The Wall Street Journal reported. Despite premium increases that are as high as 93% in New Mexico, the federal government says that these increases do not include subsidies individuals will receive. To further offset costs, the government is focusing on enrolling younger, healthier people in plans to increase the stability of the marketplace.