Trending News Today: UnitedHealthcare Threatens to Leave Health Insurance Marketplace

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According to Kaiser Health News, low-income adults were more likely to receive medical care in states that expanded Medicaid. Although they are more likely to receive care, these adults also did not show an improvement of their own health assessments. The article attributes this to the fact that some adults did not sign up right away and had less access to care for a longer period of time, while some adults received new knowledge about their health that could be negative.

Free clinics are an excellent option for patients who are described as “working class,” according to an article by Kaiser Health News. Most free clinics offer insurance to their patients, along with primary care, a pharmacy, and other services. Charlottesville Free Clinic offers medical, pharmacy, mental health, and dental services to patients who are uninsured or underinsured, the article stated.

UnitedHealthcare has threatened they may leave the health insurance marketplace in 2017. An article by Kaiser Health News states that over 1 million people would be left with a single plan option. In particular, states in the South and Midwest would be left with a small number of plans to choose from.