Trending News Today: Trump Victory Creates Uncertainty for Pharma Companies

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Yesterday, Colorado passed Proposition 106, a medical aid in dying measure that will allow physicians to prescribe sleeping pills to terminally ill patients. The new law requires 2 physicians to determine that the patient is mentally competent enough to make the decision, and has less than 6 months to live, according to The Denver Post. Advocates for the law say it will prevent patients from suffering in their last months, but critics say that this law is concerning.

Many states have passed new laws that approve recreational marijuana use or medical marijuana provisions. There were 5 states with recreational marijuana initiatives on their ballots, and a majority have already passed, with the other 2 leading in “yes” votes. Voters in Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas have approved the medical use of marijuana, and an initiative in Montana is also leaning towards approval, according to The Washington Post.

Pharmaceutical companies knew that Hillary Clinton winning the election would be detrimental to their businesses, but they are now unsure about what effect Donald Trump being elected will have on the industry, Stat reported. Trump has advocated for Medicare negotiating drug prices, importing drugs, and price transparency. Those are all actions that pharmaceutical companies oppose, but he has not taken on drug costs.