Trending News Today: Trump Meets with Pharma Leaders

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Yesterday, US President Donald Trump met with leaders of large pharmaceutical companies to discuss lowering drug costs, decreasing regulations, and bringing these companies back to the United States. While nothing specific was introduced, he said that competition and bidding were 2 ways to decrease drug costs, The Washington Post reported. In past press conferences, Trump has expressed interest in other ways to lower costs, including importing prescription drugs from industrialized countries.

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee did not attend a scheduled vote in an attempt to stall confirmations for Trump’s picks for Treasury secretary and secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, according to The New York Times. The Democrats justified their actions by saying that the 2 nominees failed to disclose true information during their hearings. These lawmakers are also attempting to block Trump’s nomination for attorney general due to Sen Jeff Session’s close relationship to the president.

Trump’s appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court was supported by anti-abortion advocates, and confirms the President’s vow to appoint pro-life justices. While the judge has never ruled on abortion rights directly, he has delivered verdicts against contraceptive coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act, and has written a book regarding the value of human life, according to Politico. This vote would not change the court’s balance on abortion, but appointing additional Supreme Court justices may do just that.

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