Trending News Today: Trump Confident Healthcare Reform Bill Will Pass Senate

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump said there could be a big surprise coming for the Senate healthcare bill, according to Politico. After the bill was introduced, the vote was postponed due to a lack of support from at least 8 GOP lawmakers. President Trump remains confident that the bill will pass after meeting with Republican legislators, according to the article.

Currently, less than half of US veterans receive coverage through Veterans Affairs because they do not qualify or live too far from the facilities. Many of the 22 million veterans rely on Medicaid for health insurance, especially those living in expansion states, NPR reported. Since the Senate healthcare bill would roll back expansion and make other cuts to Medicaid, veterans and advocacy groups are concerned about the future of healthcare for this population.

A new study indicates that even legal limits of air pollution can threaten human health and lead to premature death. While the Environmental Protection Agency has set safe limits for ozone and fine particulate matter, the authors discovered that there were no levels of the pollutants that could be deemed safe, as the risk of mortality did not taper off, the Los Angeles Times reported. By lowering the pollution levels of ozone and fine particulate matter, the authors believe that it could save nearly 14,000 lives annually.

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