Trending News Today: Senate May Have Limited Time to Review AHCA Prior to Vote

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Senate Republicans are currently preparing to hold a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) next week, leaving Democrats only 1 week to review the bill, according to Politico. The bill is currently on track to be introduced by the end of this week, but the timeline going forward largely depends on the response to the legislation. While GOP lawmakers are confident they will have enough time to review and discuss the bill, Democrats worry that the bill will not be properly evaluated, according to the article.

In an effort to protest the secrecy of the AHCA, Democrats have started to object to all unanimous consent requests in the Senate, Politico reported. This plan aims to control the floor and force the bill to committee in order to delay the impending vote. Democrats are making this move because they believe that Republicans are using Senate procedures to keep the legislation hidden from the public, according to the article. While this move is unlikely to delay the healthcare bill or force it to committee, it may spark conversation between parties.

A new study found that despite having comprehensive health insurance, only 1 in 4 teens with opioid misuse disorder receive the proper medication-assisted treatment. These findings suggest that physician practices are not in line with the prevalence of the disorder among youth, according to Stat. The study revealed that only 27% of nearly 21,000 teens with opioid misuse disorder received treatment with buprenorphine or naltrexone. For many patients, even youth, medication is a crucial aspect of successful treatment for opioid misuse disorder.

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