Trending News Today: Senate Healthcare Bill Could Cut Medicaid by 35% Over 20 Years

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office revealed that the Senate healthcare reform bill would cut Medicaid funding by an additional 35% over 20 years, according to Politico. This decrease in funding stems from stricter limits set to begin in 2025 that would constrict eligibility. While the legislation would reduce funding 26% by 2026, the funding would continue to decrease to 2036. Democrats requested the analysis because they felt the 10-year estimate did not reveal the total impact of the bill, according to the article.

Senate GOP leaders are considering keeping taxes that funded the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to increase funding for subsidies under their new healthcare bill. This act is likely to appease moderates to gain their support, according to ABC News. Conservatives are also pushing an amendment that would allow insurers to sell health plans with low premiums and few benefits, as long as the insurer would sell a plan that complies with the ten essential benefits, according to the article.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump nominated Jerome Adams, MD, to be the next surgeon general of the United States. Dr Adams previously served as the Indiana state health commissioner and was appointed to the position by then-Governor Mike Pence, according to Politico. President Trump previously fired the surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, MD, who was a supporter of the ACA.