Trending News Today: Senate Could Soon Vote on AHCA

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Senate GOP leaders are planning to vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) soon, despite the fact that their version of the bill has yet to be written. Republican leaders have decided to move forward with voting due to budget deadlines and pressure from President Donald Trump, according to The New York Times. Legislative options will be presented today and GOP lawmakers will decide what is included in the bill, which will likely contribute to the vote’s outcome.

The federal government plans to cut approximately 15% of the budget for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. While supporters of these cuts suggest that too much funding can fuel poverty, new research indicates that receiving housing assistance from the government may lead to a higher insured rate and more individuals seeking healthcare, according to Kaiser Health News. These findings add to other evidence that suggests access to consistent housing can result in better health.

Disability advocates have voiced concerns over the House-passed AHCA. The Congressional Budget Office reported that the bill would cut approximately $834 billion in funding to Medicaid over 10 years, which would mean cuts to programs for patients with disabilities, NPR reported. States like Georgia offer patients with disabilities community support services, such as providing rides to work and help with household chores. Since these services are considered optional, advocates worry that those services will be the first to be taken away, according to the article.