Trending News Today: Revised Version of ACA Under Consideration

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Kaleo recently increased its price for a naloxone auto-injector to treat patients who are experiencing an opioid overdose. The price for a twin-pack of Evzio (naloxone HCI injection) increased from $690 to $4500, according to Kaiser Health News. The company justifies this price increase by saying they donate the auto-injectors to first responders, police, public health, and community organizations. They also provide coupons that make the treatment free.

The Trump Administration is considering revisions to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that may incentivize insurers to remain in the marketplaces while a replacement plan is being created, according to Politico. However, these changes would shift more costs to customers, and could also limit who can sign up. GOP lawmakers believe that the revisions to the health law will stabilize the insurance market.

Talk of repealing the ACA has caused many Americans to question whether or not they should have signed up for a plan during open enrollment. Since the mandate requiring individuals to be insured is still in effect, Americans can still face a fine if they were uninsured last year, even though lawmakers have expressed interest in repealing the provision. If the law is changed now, this may result in further confusion for taxpayers who have already submitted their returns, according to Kaiser Health News.

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